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About us

Originally started from one family, Fitchburg Jade has expanded and served for generations. Being immigrants from China, we are excited to share our culture and heritage with people! At Fitchburg Jade, we strive to give you the most authentic Chinese dining experience. From setting to cuisine, we created Fitchburg Jade to be an authentic yet inviting environment. From the traditional d├ęcor, exquisite food, and friendly staff, we pride ourselves in giving you the best Chinese dining experience.

americanized Chinese?
we refuse.

We refuse to accept Americanized Chinese Cuisine. Here at Fitchburg Jade, we only serve you the food that we grew up eating back in China. Authenticity is one of our core values, and we don't plan on abandoning that. By keeping dishes as authentic as possible, we aim to give you the true taste of China. With our extensive menu of traditional and creative Chinese cuisine, there is lots to try!

What makes sets Fitchburg Jade apart from other Chinese restaurants is that we only serve you the highest of quality ingredients. Fresh meats, vegetables, and seasonal items are our basics. Our signature dishes like our Wor Bar and Diamond Head Fantasia were created to illustrate our high quality ingredients and creative expertise.
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Our Services

Dine In

Due to COVID-19, Dine In is closed.
Our location in Fitchburg provides dine in option for our customers. All of our menu options are made to order with the highest quality ingredients and with exceptional service. We take pride in our food and only provide the freshest and most authentic Chinese experience for our customers!

Take Out

For our customers who are short on time, we have a take out option. We provide our whole menu for take out and orders are made on time and fresh. We use the same high quality ingredients as dine in; we believe that take out should not sacrifice quality for convenience.


Due to COVID-19 our Delivery service will be contactless.
Feel like eating from the comfort of your own home? No problem, we offer delivery on all our menu options. Now, you can experience Chinese cuisine from anywhere! Our delivery is made to order with the same high quality ingredients you love! Note we only deliver within 30-45 minute radius
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Our Vision

At Fitchburg Jade we bring China to the Fitchburg area. We believe that Chinese cuisine should be enjoyed around the world with friends and family!  


Moo Shi is a traditional Mandarin style hand-wrap dish. We prepare our Moo Shi with your choice of meat, mushrooms, and vegetables in a wok for intense flavor. Served with pancakes to rollup.
Orange Chicken is one of our staples that we have perfected. Crispy fried chicken with a sweet and savory outer coating.  No more soggy "crispy chicken." At Fitchburg we bring the savoriness and sweetness you love!
Lo Mein is a classic Cantonese style dish. At Fitchburg. we use authentic ingredients for our Lo Mein: egg noodles stir-fried with your choice of meats, vegetables and savory sauce. We have brought the famous street food to your doorstep!

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Monday - Thursday  2:00 PM - 10:45 PM
Friday - Saturday     2:00 PM - 11:45 PM
SUNDAY                       2:00 PM - 10:45 PM

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345 Main Street Fitchburg, MA 01420

Phone:  (978) 343-0287
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Everyday: 2;00 PM - 10:30 PM
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